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Section: Morphological Analysis


Author(s): O.Santana,J.Perez,F.Carreras.G.Rodriguez,Z.Hernández,J.Duque.



Institute/Company: Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.



Language: spanish.



Description: EMERGE (Flexionador y Lematizador de palabras del español) RECOGNIZES any Spanish word. It shows its canonical form, its grammatical category and the inflection or derivation it comes from. The same application generates the corresponding forms based on both a canonical form and an inflection or derivation. As regards VERBS, it deals with simple and compound conjugations, the appearance of enclitic pronouns, the inflection of the past participle as a verbal adjective (gender, number, superlative grade, and adverbialization) and the diminutive of the gerund. IN THE CASE OF NON VERBAL FORMS, it considers: gender and number of substantives, adjectives, pronouns, and articles; heteronimy caused by change of sex in substantives; superlative grade in adjectives and adverbs; adverbialization and adverbialization of the superlative in adjectives; appreciative derivation in substantives, adjectives and adverbs; multiple canonical forms in all the grammatical categories; invariant forms such as prepositions, conjunctions, exclamations, words in other languages and locutions or phrases. THE UNIVERSE of inflected and derivative 4.400.000 forms is composed of 123197 canonical words (without taking into account enclictic pronouns). The starting canonical forms cover all the entries of the Royal Academy Spanish Language Dictionary, the Vox Spanish Language General Dictionary, the Dictionary on Spanish Usage by María Moliner, the Great Planeta Larousse Spanish Language Dictionary, the Dictionary of voices of current use directed by Manuel, the Great Espasa Calpe Synonym and Antonym Dictionary and the Spanish Language Ideological Dictionary by Julio Casares.

Free internet use: go to and then follow the links under "Aplicaciones" and then "Flexionador y lematizador de palabras del espanol."
Academic license: no. Cost: negotiate.
Multiple user license: no. Cost: negotiate.



Commercial license: no. Cost: negotiate.









Distribution: cdrom



Platform: win95.



Docu: online.




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